Saturday 20 November 2010

The view from my couch: Surrounded by furry love.

Some days the floor is just the best place to be.  Some days I am surrounded by furry, smelly love, whether I want it or not.  On a bad day they are my shadows lying as close as possible.  When I didn't wake up easily one day, I was awoken by a big fawn head on my chest looking intently at my face and a grey speckled muzzle barking two inches from my nose.  When I shower they sit outside the bathroom door, or more disturbingly sit just outside the glass door staring.  Now if only I could sleep so peacefully in a little patch of sunlight. 

Michelle :)


  1. awww they are the greatest! my cat has an eye on me no matter where I am lol.

  2. Im in love with your big smelly adorable dogs!!!!

  3. Ash - I often wonder if it's they care or if they are just keeping an eye on their meal ticket. They are very big hoverers though.

    Cyndi - I'm in love with them too, thought Thor puking all Thursday night and the next day did test that love. Not to mention Freyja trying to eat it as I was trying to clean it up. Big dogs do big pukes!

  4. I WANT IT! I want smelly dog love.

    Now if you can get over that sounding like a bestiality endorsed frenzy, let me just point out I mean it in a cute, cuddly innocent way. He's just adorable. And those photos are wonderful. Best angles EVER.

  5. I love your doggies :D Makes me want a big dog, maybe one day when we get on our own land. We're buying 2 acres in the first of 2011, so it might be pretty soon that I get to get me a big dog (thinking bull mastiff maybe). We'll be pretty far out in the woods (yay!) but on the negative side it does take a while for cops to show up if someone were to bother us. So that's the reason for another dog. Plus I just like the company. Kiah's great, but she really really REALLY needs a dog that can push her limits more with activity. I take her to my mil's house to play with her big dog and she's exhausted when we leave. I can't exhaust her like that... she just needs way too much play time that I can't physically give. But she's full of loves for me (not really anyone else so that makes me feel a bit and she only listens to me pretty much. And I'm with you on the dog after pukey stuff. One of our kittens got a tummy bug or something and trying to keep Kiah from things like that or the litter box is so hard! Why is it that dogs like to eat those things? ewww... The other night, I brought her in for her bath. To give her a bath without soaking the entire bathroom, I just get in the shower with her. Sounds weird but it works. She's calm because I'm in there. Anyway I got tired before I finished her bath, and so by the time I did finish I was exhausted. Things didn't go as planned. Usually I'll get my towel, get wrapped up and decent, then get her wrapped in her towel, dried, and put back outside then I'll be able to dress myself again. well this time I had no energy to hold onto her with, so I left her in the bathroom floor while I dealt with myself. She crapped a major load (big dogs=big everything). So I'm feeling major queasy already from the being tired, etc. I grab some toilet tissue and proceed to clean up Kiah's mess, but I start gagging and I ram the bathroom window open and hang out of it while I vomit. Didn't notice my towel falling to the ground as I'm hanging out the window vomiting, and out walks a neighbor. Pretty sure they think I'm deranged now :/ Anyway, you're right... big gross things come from big dogs, but so does big amounts of love and devotion :) Good thing they have the love and devotion... :)

  6. Oh my goodness! Miranda's comment had me half laughing my butt off and half gagging to death! LOL!

    Michelle, your sweet doggie is adorable! We have two dogs and I just {{heart}} having them with me. I spend a lot of time alone, so they are really good company AND they make me feel SO much safer. I know that if anyone gets anywhere close to our house they will let me know about it!

    Well, I hope you and your family are having a great weekend. Take care of yourself.

    {{gentle hugs}}

    Teresa <><

  7. sweet pictures of your lovely dogs. rosy is so tiny, although i suppose im lucky, having hypermobile joints that dislocate she is small enough for me to control.

    hope your well.x


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