Wednesday 13 October 2010

Purple Misty Mountain Haze

Well my dance with FATigue continues this week.  So brace yourself for an underwhelming blog post  Damn Spring and it's fine sunny days.  You suck Spring.  You suck.  Mind you today's Spring day which is 13C of cool, grey, drizzly and fogged in (love living in the hills) is my kinda day.  Now if only I wasn't wiped out from the last two days, I'd be partying on down this fine misty day.

I do love where I live.  It's a truly beautiful part of Australia.  Who'd think we are already having our bushfire preparedness meetings. Yay.  Something to look forward to.

Just a couple of photos from today.

(The main road through the forest)

 (The forest at the end of my road)

(My road would look more lovely without the bins I forgot to take in.)

 (The view from my front door)

(This is my kind of Spring day)

I've been trying for ages to get a decent picture of my purple feet.  It's hard as usually, by the time they are bad I'm non compos mentis so grabbing the camera is not high on my 'To Do List'.  I think I finally managed an okay one this time.  This is after about 2mins with one foot up and one foot on the ground.

(Sexy? No?)

No one can ever accuse me of not having a colourful disorder.  My cardio always checks my feet when she comes out to get me in the waiting room.  I think they are nice and easy indicator on how my health is going.  Most days this is just my legs and lower arms.  On bad days this will pretty much be my colour from the neck down.  Dead sexy. 

(Just a hint of purple in my legs)

I mean there is a subtle hint of purple in my legs in my untouched Dorothy Shoes pics. Contrasts nicely with the red of the shoes don't you think?  Accessorizing is hard when you look like a giant aubergine.  Now if only I could get the eldest rugrat to follow me around with his airbrush as he did in the photos for the actual shoe post.

The purple bloating is something most Bobettes have to contend with.  Gravity is a tricky cow for our bodies.   I am getting better at ignoring it.  Its not going anywhere any time soon, so I might as well embrace it.  For the most part it's only when others point it out that I realise how bad it is.  I do know it's getting worse as my youngest rugrat now frequently offers to massage my legs.  He gets frustrated, as when he finishes one leg and moves onto the next the first one is already well on the way back to Zombieville.  But overall denial is a wonderful thing.  If I don't think about it doesn't exist right?

Well after that exciting post of nothingness it's time to go and prop my bloated purple feet up the closet wall and enjoy the misty day.

The foggy Michelle. 

I was going to add Prince's Purple Rain as my musical interlude as I do love Prince and rain and well purple is my colour, but apparently he's not keen on his vids being on Youtube.  So suck it Prince, you're a no go.  I'm going with the classic Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix.


  1. First - beautiful pictures! Love the scenery.

    Second - I'm sorry about your purple feet. :( But those Dorothy shoes are still hot. :)

    My mom has something called Raynaud's syndrome and it makes her toes become freezing cold and turn an interesting shade of purple or grey. Knowing that, and your issues, I'm starting to put more stock in the Purple People Eater Theory.

    :)Glad you're back into the blog reading/writing.

  2. Ah Michelle - under all that purple you are pure gold!

    Hey did you know that the aubergine is botanically considered a berry?!

  3. wow where you live is absolutely beautiful!!! i usually have a purple/red combo. as those are my favorite colors I suppose it makes sense lol.

  4. Holy beautiful place! Maybe I should scrap my Paris plans and come snuggle with you and Bob! Except I kinda hate Bob. But I could play nice long enough for a little spooning I think.

  5. From my morning tramstop, I can usually see the mountains in the distance. Yesterday they were completely hidden behind a thick veil of mist. Must've been amazing to be in it.

  6. Wow it is beautiful there! What's the barometric pressure like there? Is it a POTS-friendly place climate wise?

    I am glad you took pictures of your feet like that. It is a perfect illustration of exactly what happens to us. Today I went for a foot/leg massage and surprisingly my feet have been warm all day (which hardly ever happens these days) but they are still a shade of whitish-purple. Luckily my lovely compression stockings hide them most of the time lol.

  7. The scenery is simply stunning. Although I have a feeling there are a lot of spiders lurking amongst the undergrowth.

    It is hard to imagine looking at the humidity that forest fires happen but I know they do.

    I know its not meant to look good but purple & green do go you know.

    You, me & all the rest it seems having an affair with fatigue right now. Except mine is interspersed at present with bouts of extreme insomnia.

    Don't go apologising for not blogging much. You have no need to do that. Better than writing the %^&* that some do every day without fail. At least your blog is relevant, witty & intelligent. All that along with living with Bob is going some.

    Hope tomorrows are better than yesterdays.

  8. truly beautiful. what calming scenery. im knitting a pair of purple/red socks at present purely coincidental, my feet like the purple look, starting to feel the cold at present. x

  9. OWO - Tis a pretty place here. Raynaud's sucks, it's on my list as well. Purple is the colour of royalty though, which may also explain my love f Prince and strange attraction to Queen Latifa.

    Xerphile - I did not know that. I bow down to your knowledge :)

    Ash - nice choice of favourite colours, very convenient.

    Elly Lou - you are welcome to come and spoon with me any time. Though I am more than happy to come to Paris to do it.

    Ruth - it is lovely here. When we used to live in Blackburn I'd look longingly up here and now here I am.

    Def Gravity - no idea on my barometric pressure but I do love that we are always 4 0r 5 degrees cooler than the city.

    Achelois - there are loads of spiders here though I choose to live in denial as I'd never leave my house otherwise. Wait I never leave my house. Damn maybe that's why. Fatigue can go and bit itself.

    Em - it is lovely here, so green at the moment ater so much rain. Can't wait to see a pic of the socks.


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