Saturday 17 July 2010

Fabulous Friday: I See Red, I See Red, I See Red.

Don't panic people I'm not having anger management issues.  Well not as long as the microwave and I agree to remain in separate rooms for the foreseeable future.  It's in reference to an old Split Enz song.  Today's Fabulous Friday I am celebrating all things red in my life.

I've discovered I have a thing for red (in case you didn't pick that up from my sparkly pairs of Dorothy's).  I mean I knew I liked red, but then I started taking photos of my happy things (thanks for the inspiration lovely Em of I'm Confused fame).  And suddenly it was Redapalooza.  Photo one red.  Photo two red.  Photo three red.  Even I could notice that trend.

There is a chance I may have an unhealthy red facination.  I'll let you decide.

The walls of my lounge are a deep red.  I love the contrast of my old sliding doors with their frosted glass butterfly's.  I was told I was nuts for wanting to paint my walls red, but I love it.  So warm and inviting. Especially when contrasted against the bright green tree ferns outside out large windows.

I reclaimed this garden chair off the side of the road.  It was broken, covered in muck and painted in a sad shade of yellow.  I grabbed a stiff brush and a can of geranium red and hey presto, my morning coffee chair was born. It is surrounded by lavender and naked ladies (flowers).  A little slice of brightness every day of the week.

The pots on my front step are various shades of red.  Either thanks to that trusty can of red geranium paint, or simply that's how they came, ie my old olive oil cans which are a work of art unto themselves.

May favourite eye pillow.  It lives in my freezer ready to pop on my eyes when a migraine hits.  Also works well for TMJ pain after a dentist visit.  Tip for the day don't store near your frozen bananas, makes for a wiffy eye pillow.

Coffee tastes better out of a red machine, and this little machine has made many many double espressos.

This may be my favourite present of all time (though its a toss up between this and my 90cm Smeg oven).  I realised a lot of my kitchen gadgetry is red.  From my enamelled cast iron pot to the huge red glass jar I keep my rice in.  Red, red and more red.

If I have to have salt, this is where I want to get it from.  Stupidly expensive for what it is, I will always love my mini tagine salt and pepper doverlacky.

I found this painting in an antique store, in Olinda, that no longer exists.  I loved the painting, the colours and the frame.  It's also a bit beaten up, like me, which makes me love it even more.

Brought at an OPJ (Other People's Junk) market many a year ago this little specimen vase is still dear to my heart.

Another market find (Kallista Markets).  One of my favourite fall back jewellery pieces.

Ahh the shoes of gorgeousness.  How could I do a post about my addiction to red without a few shots of my glittery babies.

So much glitter left over, what can a girl do?  Make a broach, that's what.  So pretty and glittery.

Okay, okay.  A glittery red pear may be a tad weird but hey, I was bored.
I was going to do an apple but a pear is far more in keeping with my body shape.

Okay so maybe an intervention is required, especially with regard to the pear.  I obviously need to get out more.  But who can deny that red and a little glitter makes the whole day brighter?

The red obsessed Michelle :)


  1. The color red is thought to excite or stimulate the nervous system. I have more than one wall in my home that is red and I think I am trying to get my nervous system to react instead of just sit in me and die.

    I think the Pear is perfect for Fabulous Friday.


  2. LOVE me some red. So jealous. I've been an addict since my youth. Married a guy who drove a red corvette, always shopping for a new pair of red shoes.

    Love it! And yes, the pear is weird.

  3. Love the red, especially the red fingers to match the red pear. I'm a blue girl myself, so calm, so tranquil. Colors are so inspiring and provoke such strong feelings.

  4. Dude, I'm a red HEAD, do I qualify? OK, so it's not bright orange flamy red, it's more blondey strawberry red, but it's RED NONETHELESS.

    I love red as well and it upsets me greatly that as a clothing colour it does not suit me one bit. I have an old, comfy red hoodie and red sweatpants I use after swimming, that have Canada in white on them, although not on the BUM or anything, I'm not a COMMON TART! I also have a favourite red t-shirt that I love but it's just not my colour. I'm pale as sin. Someone once told me teal was my ideal colour. Know what colour I hate? TEAL.


    I love red applicances though. And orange. In fact, I'm three years old. I dig any thing primary or bright.

  5. So that's your red garden chair! The red spirally arms look great with the green peaking through. And I do like your olive oil potplants - those tins are beautiful. Might have to plant some of my red geraniums in them too.

  6. how could you not dip a pear into some shimmery glitter! red is the magic colour. red bench, pretty nestling again natures green.

    i have a red pair of converse boots, not good at present, nice new red canvas. i bought them a few years ago when i had to throw away my pair i bought when i was a student at seventeen. lovely and worn, unfortunately with holes in. the newness of the new pair just wont do. x

  7. Yep, I think you can safely say you have a red thing!! Some fabulously gorgeous red stuff you have though ;0)


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