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Compression Stocking Review: Sigvaris 712N Allure 20-30 mmHg Patterned Thigh High Compression Stockings with Lace Silicone Border in Black.

[Image: a woman from the waist down wearing a floral skirt, compression stockings and black boots, in front of her messy bedroom with clothes and shoes strewn on the floor.]

I should add this is not a sponsored post (mind you I wouldn't knock one of those back. It would be nice to be able to pay for my own coffee just once). Nor is it an exhaustive list of brands and options. Instead, it is based on my personal experience, and for those considering compression stockings either for the first time, or those tired of the regular range of stockings and looking for a bit of spice in their compression wear. Your treating doctor should be able to advise you as to whether compression stockings may be helpful for the management of your form of Dysautonomia and the strength and type of stockings you may require.

Regular readers will know of my passion for finding fashionable compressions stockings. Frankly if I have to be sick I'll be damned if I can't be fashionable. I spend way too much time online looking at compression stockings. I search for anything that is remotely patterned or coloured outside of the traditional white, beige, black or navy blue. In the mid to high range compression (20mmHg +), it can be hard to find many options. Add in that cost of more fashionable versions can be prohibitive to many, and it can be hard to find practical and fashionable options.

I love my Juzo Soft compression stockings and have been wearing them for a number of years now. I have a range of colours and a fabulous tie-dyed pair which I wear on a daily basis (I may need a Juzo Soft intervention). But while they are one of the few brands to offer a broader colour range and tie-dye options, and sheer options, they do not offer any sheer pattern options. I have tried (see review here) and quite like the options offered by Rejuvahealth's fashion range but found that my legs were too long for the brand. After some searching I discovered that Swiss company Sigvaris, offer a small range of sheer patterned stockings. last year, with a function coming up and running out of time I decided to bite the bullet and try the

Sigvaris 712N Allure Sheer Patterned Compression Stockings

(Source: Sigvaris Allure Sheer Patterned in Graphite)

They come in two colour options: Black and Graphite.
Two Strengths: 15-20 mmHg and 20-30 mmHg
Two Heights: Thigh High and Full Pantyhose.

I chose the 20-30mmHg Closed Toe Sheer Patterned Thigh High Compression Stockings with Lace Silicone Border in Black.

They sit around the $92US mark at most online retail outlets (eg Brightlife Direct and

(The reinforced heel is darker but does not extend to a point where it becomes unsightly. As you can see in my ruby bow shoes above they aren't visible.)

I have now worn these stockings on a number of occasions and they have become my default pair for going out of an evening. As such they are well and truly road tested. I used to love my fishnets back before I developed Dysautonomia and these are a nice medical grade compromise.

(Obligatory Freyja shot)

They are a delicate pair of stockings. Even more so than the Rejuvahealth versions I reviewed last year. I was conscious of every rough patch of skin on my hands and spiky edge of fingernail when putting them on. Having said that I am yet to snag them yet (stumbles around touching wood).

(The band is pretty and there is a relatively smooth transition to the stocking itself.)

Each brand differs slightly in the band at the top of a thigh high stocking. The Sigvaris Allure had a reasonably smooth transition and is lighter than the Juzo Soft and Allegro products I've tried. It helps to keep the overall delicate feel of the stocking itself.

(A comparison of the silicone border of the Sigvaris (left) which is fine lines and Rejuvahealth (Right) which are dots similar to the Juzo Soft. You can also see the length difference in the pairs. Sigvaris are great length for long legs.)

(The toe is darker but transitions well. My feet are small for my height so they didn't stretch out the foot a lot so it was noticeably darker in the lower portion of the foot. 
It's a problem I've found with every brand I've tried.)

(Obligatory Freyja shot:
Dress is from Lazybones,
Shoes are Rivers,
Necklace and bracelet I've had for years.)

The Verdict:

I like them and continue to wear them though they do have some issues:

They have not maintained their original compression and are reasonably easy to get on now. They still provide more compression than say a 15-20mmHg pair but are noticeably laxer. Given their price point and that I have only worn them on special occasions, probably 8-10times at the most and only a few hours each time, I would have expected that they would have maintained their compression level.

The silicon top feels more precarious than initially, although they are yet to fall down. I haven't had a skin reaction to the silicone lines so far (stumbles around touching wood once more). I mention this as off and on I have had a reaction to the Juzo Soft silicone dots. 

After going over both stockings with a fine tooth comb I only found two tiny pulls. As such their delicate feel belies their durability. I live with a very touchy feely Great Dane and am unsteady and bump into things and fall on a regular basis when I'm not using my wheelchair, so they have been through a few trials.

The black dots are starting to fray a little but not worryingly so.

They have been washed multiple times in a lingerie bag on a cold setting in my washing machine using a sensitive washing powder.

They are a decent length if you have long legs. They are of a length comparable with Juzo Softs, and much longer than both Rejuvahealth and Allegro brands,

As you can see from the chart below they do have a short and long option.

Overall, I would buy them again, but only for use as a special occasion compression stocking.

Jobst do a similar version, the Jobst UltraSheer Pattern 20-30mmHg Thigh High Compression Stockings with Silicone Dot Boarder which comes in two colour options Black and Espresso. They fall in roughly the same price bracket as the Sigvaris. I haven't tried these so can't comment on how well they work or stand up over time.

(Source: Jobst UltraSheer Pattern in black.)


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Fashion blogging is not for the faint of heart

These reviews are always exhausting with the putting on and off of compression stockings and the up and down, getting dressed fighting off clingy Great Danes and warm Summer weather. But it's done! Now to collapse on the couch.

I've been listening to Sarah Blasko all day and I always have a wry laugh when I hear the lyrics "we wont run" as I haven't run in a looooong time.

We won't run, we can fight

All that keeps us up at night

There is far to go now
Let's not waste a minute more


  1. Thanks for writing this up! Its been really helpful when shopping. When you say "good for taller women" how tall do you mean? Aka how tall are you? (I am 6'1" so just trying to get an idea of how far up they would go.)


    1. Not so much taller women, but longer legs. It still depends on your measurements but there are some brands that seem to be much more suited to shorter women especially if you have thin legs. For example after I put up my Rejuvahealth review I received a lot of messages to say many others had found them too short as well. I'm about 5'7" so no where near your height, I just did a quick measure and my inner leg is roughly 33" and in the Sigvaris and Juzo which are the best I've found so far, I still have room to go higher (I only buy thigh highs) if I needed. I'm not sure how much room/give there would be in a pantyhose style. The other thing to consider is buying a garter belt to help hold up thigh highs if they aren't quite long enough for you. You can again get dull medical store garters, or I know a few people who bought the sexy lingerie version. Hope that makes sense I'm only on my first morning coffee and pre-meds! :)

  2. I have tried almost every brand and nothing seems to beat juzo soft for comfort and durability. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction with them. I love the tie dye and colored ones.

    1. So glad I could help, Anon. I know when I started looking there we very little information on fashionable varieties and even now most docs don't seem to realise there are nicer ones around. :)


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