Friday 15 January 2016

Let's go in the waves.

[Image: Man holding a woman with a walking stick up in the waves at the beach]

A short chronic love story.

"Let's go in the waves" she said.
"It'll be fun" she said.
She forgot about the strong undertow and the big sign out front warning of strong currents, rips, and sand bars.
She also forgot about her neuromuscular issues, and weakness, and that pesky problem she has with being upright.
She told herself about the compression from the water.
He laughed and held her up as the waves and undertow tried to take her out.
She lost control of her walking stick and her legs kept collapsing.
But she laughed and he laughed.
Great squeals of laughter.
He picked her up and held her tight as the waves churned and roared around her legs.
Then he carried her back up the beach, her arms slipping again and again from his neck.
She flopped on the blue and white throw, not to move again for some time.
He passed her the water bottle and reminded her to drink.
She breathed in and felt her body ache and tremble with exhaustion.
Everything hurt and she wanted to vomit.
But damn she felt better than she had in all the past year.


If you love me with all your heart
If you love me, I'll make you a star in my universe.
(Angus and Julia Stone, For You)


  1. Beautiful. It is a wonderful thing, that you have each other. It is a wonderful thing, that you were able to throw caution to the wind this time.

    1. Thanks Roaroha. You're right the ability to just do without thought for the consequences is so liberating. Plus having a husband who's happy to go along with those moments :)

  2. Water is so magical. It might not take away all the body stuff, but it elevates the soul. Almost as high as that Mr.Grumpy lifted you. X Love this Michelle

    1. I'm in that weird, body a complete and total arse, yet mentally and spiritually I feel so much lighter at the moment. Now to work out how to get it to last. xx

  3. Just wonderful! (The experience AND the fellow!)

    1. Thanks Jana. Beach and someone to share it with, is very good for the soul. :)

  4. This might be my favorite yet, beautiful lady.

  5. Very cool, Michelle and a favourite song you have posted.

  6. So well put. I am not quite at that point, but Dysautonomia (POTS) has definitely taken some of my function and quality away. 'To throw caution to the wind and not worry about the consequences' is a good feeling and it does the mind and spirit good! Yes, it takes a toll on our bodies, but as long as we have the love and support of family and/or friends, let caution be taken out to sea! I wish you luck and plenty of spoons!


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