Thursday 19 February 2015

Allegro, Microfibre 20-30mmHg Black Thigh High Compression Stocking Review

This photo is from last year when I originally started trialling the Allegro's for a review. After which I promptly forgot I was doing a review. A year later I recalled that I had a half-started review sitting in drafts. So 2nd times the charm and it may be time for some memory testing. 
Stockings: Allegro
Skirt: an op shop find a I shortened
Jumper: Jeanswest early 90's 
Slippers: Peter Alexander Dorothy series, gift
Dog: cheeky photoloving Great Dane, Freyja

I should add this is not a sponsored post (mind you I wouldn't knock one of those back. It would be nice to be able to pay for my own coffee just once). Nor is it an exhaustive list of brands and options. Instead, it is based on my personal experience, and for those considering compression stockings either for the first time, or those tired of the regular range of stockings and looking for a bit of spice in their compression wear. Your treating doctor should be able to advise you as to whether compression stockings may be helpful for the management of your form of Dysautonomia and the strength and type of stockings you may require.

Trying to find a good affordable pair of compression stockings can be difficult. I love my Juzo Softs but they are at the pricier end of the spectrum and I have a pang of guilt each time I order them. I have been experimented with a few brands over the years. Juzo, Jobst and Rejuvahealth which I reviewed here. But they are mid range to high cost options. On a whim and because there was a magical Sale sign next to the product as I was browsing, I purchased a pair of Allegro, Microfibre Black 20-30mmHg thigh highs to try out. On sale at just under $35 at the time, but they normally fall just under the $50 mark.

Like previous reviews I wore these for a full day doing my usual activities. Before purchasing I followed the manufacturer's instructions on sizing measuring three times to ensure correct fit.

Allegro, Microfibre, 20-30mmHg Black Thigh High.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the pack was that they feel very synthetic. They also carried a distinct plastic/chemical smell to them which may be problematic for those with sensitivities to various smells. This smell increased as they warmed up from wear. It did reduce somewhat after washing.

Unlike the description on the website and accompanying advertising they were not what I would call opaque. This was particularly evident above the knee where were quite sheer.

The reinforced toe of the stockings was very obvious and high. This impacts what shoes you can wear with them. I tried on numerous pairs of shoes and short of putting on my boots I could still see the thick black line of the toe guard.

Similarly there was a distinct line at the top of the stockings and the silicon band at the top of the stocking was heavy with a clear demarcation between stocking and band. This is unlike other brands I have tried which have a smoother transition from stocking to band.

With a pair of my Juzo Soft for comparison. Note you can actually flick up the hard band.
And I now realise I need to redo my chipped nail polish.

As I found with the Rejuvahealth stockings, they are not for those with longer legs. I am not overly tall at 5'7" but do have long legs for my height. Combined with a fondness for minis I found myself hiking them up all day and being very conscious of how I sat. They did slowly drop over the day but unlike the Rejuvahealth Opaque Diamond I reviewed last year they didn't fall down completely.

The main drawback was that they are particularly hot and for the first time in years of wearing compression stockings, they felt quite claustrophobic. I wore them on a 27C somewhat humid Summer day and felt really overwhelmed. The best thing I could compare it to, is when I had a mud wrap in Singapore many years ago and they wrapped me in plastic and hot towels to encourage the mud to do its magic. The only magic with these was that I managed to keep them on despite coming close to taking them off multiple times throughout the day.

After a full day of wear, sitting on grass, and wooden spools in the yard, falling onto my knees in the wood chips in the garden next to the wooden spool, being sat on by a great dane and doing some basic chores around the house there were no runs or pulls evident. 

This is what is known as the 'Trying to swallow down the vomit sitting in the back of your mouth because you were stupidly stubborn and took photos in the sun on a hot day' pose.
Stockings: Allegro
Dress: Asos, $20 in the sales last year
Shoes: Rubi $10
Dog: yet again a photo loving Great Dane, Freyja

They came up well after a cold hand wash and compression was unaffected.


You will know you are wearing compression stockings. 

Given that thermoregulation is a huge issue for those with Dysautonomia they may not be the best option given how hot they are. While all compression stockings are problematic in this aspect, and we do make a trade off between being able to be upright and overheating, these are by far the hottest pair I have tried.

They are a cheaper option and stood up to wear and tear in my day. 

However, I would be highly unlikely to wear these again.


And just because I love it, and it cost me a sum total of $2 many many years ago, a close up of the necklace I wore.


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Because I did manage to make it through without a vomit and only one fall into the garden and one on the grass, a little celebration music from Sia.

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  1. OK, I have read backwards from Today (Apr 29. 2016) to here. WOW, you have all my respect and admiration.

    I'm amazed at your ability to keep writing despite feeling so rotten alla damn time. And I love that your husband is good to you in so many ways. I have been blessed with a fabulous hubby to and he has taken care of me since I got sick in the early 90s with what was eventually diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome before it was known about. Aren't we incredibly blessed to have these inimitable, compassionate men who love us deeply and often know us better than we know ourselves--like him taking you to the beach....I loved that post.

    I will continue to read and subscribe so as to not miss any future posts, Michelle.

    Thank you for your honesty and raw writing.

  2. Would you say the softest, most comfortable compression stockings you have found are Juzo Soft? My daughter's dr recommended full compression hose 30-40mm, so I purchased 3 different styles/brands at the 20-30 and 30-40mm (mid-price range including Allegro 20-30 opaque) and they all felt really painful/uncomfortable to her. In your experience are 30-40 hard to wear for someone new to compression hose? I am thinking of trying Juzo Soft 20-30 full pantyhose and if she can tolerate them I'll order 30-40. Advice?

    1. I've tried about 8 brands over the past 9 or so years of wearing compression stockings and keep coming back to Juzo Soft. Having said that it can depend on the dimensions of your legs as to what fits best and is most comfortable and also how well you smooth out the material. No brand of compression is going to ever be described as fully comfortable but you do get used to the feel with time. 30-40mmHg is what is often recommended but they are so hard to put on and can be really uncomfortable especially at the beginning. I am no longer wearing 30-40mmHg as my hands are too weak and my finger joints sublax and dislocate when I try to put them on, plus my legs felt bruised after wearing them. A lot of patients end up using the 20-30mmHg for similar reasons. Depending where you live it may be worth going to a specialist fitter to try a few brands and get tips on easier ways to put them on.


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