Friday 22 February 2013

I'm a finalist! How'd that happen? WEGOhealth 2012 Health Activist Awards.

Yesterday I woke up to find that I am a finalist in the WEGOhealth 2012 Health Activist Awards, Best in Show: Blog category. I know, I was equally surprised. And delighted. And shocked. And honoured. And slightly confused (well it was pre-coffee and meds, after all). Once it finally set in, there was much squeeing to be had and my eldest found some old and dusty poppers which he promptly let off in my direction (Tip for the day: check coffee mug for streamers post popper popping, the texture and taste are less than pleasant).

Oh and of course celebratory chocolate macrons.

Thank you to everyone who sent lovely messages yesterday and a huge thanks to those who nominated this little obscure blog of mine.

I'm one of those people who rolls their eyes when you hear one of those Hollywood types say "it's an honour just to be nominated", but now I have to unroll my eyeballs and admit it's true. I am honoured that someone somewhere thought my blog was worthy of a nomination. And even more honoured to be a finalist, especially given the calibre of my fellow finalists.

Blogging is a strange pursuit. In reality I am just a pasty, almost-40 woman, sitting around in her pjs tapping away at my keyboard to purge the crazy from this slightly dodgy head of mine. Thanks to my health I've yet to make it to a blog conference and have met few other bloggers in real life. I still have no idea about SEO, or the different types of visitor stats. If I'm honest I keep waiting for the "oops we made a mistake" email. But what blogging does give me, and many other patients, is a voice. Our voice. We don't have to sit around waiting for someone to speak for us. We can share our experiences with an honesty that is often hard to come by. And in that honesty there is connection. And in that connection is relief. There is someone somewhere that knows what I am going through. Someone who can lend their knowledge or their shoulder at need. We can advocate for ourselves or others. We can provide support or raise awareness. We can achieve many things, no matter our level of functioning. Blogging is, in that sense, freedom.

So massive thanks to everyone who has supported me over the last few years. I love the community that has grown around the blog and on the Facebook page. Recently, a reader mentioned that they felt they had finally found their tribe when they found the blog/FB page. That makes me proud in a way I never thought I'd feel. I often don't feel like I fit in the traditional world of health blogging. I am not big of inspiration, I'm frequently inappropriate, over-share, and use the word arse way too often. There's not much in the way of epiphanies and I am more likely to laugh at the obstacles in my life than find mature ways to deal with them. That there are a bunch of other people around the world who approach their illness the same way makes me feel less alone and very happy. That somehow I can provide support and the odd laugh with my words, makes it all worthwhile.

I feel pretty blessed right about now.

Michelle :)

NB: One moment you're riding the high of being an awards finalist, the next you are stepping/slipping bare foot in a huge pile of rank Great Dane slobber. Ah Universe, you keep me grounded.

I've put this Florence song up before but it is one of my favourite happy sing it loud songs so it just seems appropriate.

Florence and the Machine "DOG DAYS ARE OVER" Music Video from LEGS MEDIA on Vimeo.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Em xx Hope the English weather isn't being too hard on you at the moment. :)

  2. Dear Michelle, I am absolutely, positively ecstatic for you! Happiest congrats, I can think of non one who deserves a nod more than you. You bring such a frank, well rounded, honest, insightful, easy to relate to voice to world of chronic illness blogging, and I will keeping my fingers and toes firmly crossed that you win in this category.

    Happiness hugs!!!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Jessica. I'm still a bit shocked but with a good dose of chuffed too. I think it's announced on the 28th of March so very exciting. I think I may even indulge in a glass of the forbidden bubbly on the day xx


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