Monday 30 July 2012


Photo: Morning sun through fog. Sherbrooke Forest, Australia. 
Taken on my mobile earlier this year.

I wrote this passage on Facebook the other day and it seemed to resonate with many so thought I'd share on here too. It's taken a long time to get here and sometimes I slip back. But picking myself up and trying again is what matters in the long run. It is pretty much a summary of how I deal with all the stressors and challenges of living with a chronic illness.

Before I became ill I had big plans. For a long time after my health declined I mourned those plans and was consumed by hopelessness. Now I realise that my old dreams were small and I am capable of much much more. The world is full of possibilities. The only difference is I have to step outside of the box and give myself permission to embrace those less familiar paths. A while back I made a conscious decision to change how I view my world. To not beat myself up when I get discouraged, because that's part of the ride, and you can't move forward by denying those moments. And to know that I wont get stuck there again because I made it out before. The world can be beautiful. The pain, the fear, the uncertainty, the slow break down of my body all serve to make the good moments shine even brighter. I just have to remember to appreciate that.

Be kind to yourself.
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