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On the brightside

I'm a finalist. How'd that happen? Wegohealth Health Activist Awards.

Wegohealth Health Activist Awards 2012 Best in Show Blog Finalist!

Recap: 30 days of blogging for #NHBPM

What happens to your blog when you die?

Christmas suggestions for you favourite Dysautonomia patient.

Favourite blog

Dear Bob

I don't know about this, but I'd like to

Recycling, re-purposing, reviving

Ballet worthy fashion

The real girl's guide to Bob: The Bath

Damn you, Weeties Box University

Damn that wall packs a punch

A word from our sponsor VIII

Employment opportunities for the gravity challenged

World Rare Disease Day 2010

Two birds, one stone: Day of Invisibility an happy birthday The Dysautonomia Connection

Beetlejuice, Root canals and a bad case of The Blargh

World Rare Disease Day 2011 Update


How do you celebrate when your blog turns 3?

Oriental Teahouse: Strawberry and cream tea.

Merry Crafty Christmas

The Perfect Bob Christmas Card

40 is the new whatever.

Guest Posts

Would you like to guest post.

No need for padded walls: Staying sane with chronic illness: Claire

The tale of a garden variety POTSy lass: Belinda

There's a hole in the dura, dear neuro, a hole!: Blooming Azaleah

Teen POTS and the case of the missing hand: Rhianne.

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